Welcome to the facinating world of Native American /western watercolors as well as unique contemporary collages

“I feel that I honor all American Indian people in my watercolors and collages, although I do concentrate mostly on the Plains Indian cultures. My collages are not limited to American Indian cultures, but reflect a lot of Americana – primarily the first half of the 20th century. I paint on Arches 300 lb watercolor paper as well as Crescent illustration board, but use only illustration board as the support for the decorative papers that I use in my collages. My style combines realism with a contemporary feeling to traditional subjects”
Paula Van Huss

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Running Wild

This is a 12h x 36L Acrylic painting on gallery wrap canvas.

Dear Mademoiselle

This painting was accepted into the Southern Appalachian Artist Guild National show that is in Blue Ridge, GA.  The show reception is October 6th and runs from Oct 6th thru Nov 11.  Obvioudly this is very different for me.

Forest Service Road - SOLD

This is a 10 x 30 gallery wrap canvas covered in MASA paper and then painted on.
This painting I entered into the Acrylics 6 book and was accepted.  The book is due
to be published in May of next year.  I'm very pleased.

Companions - sold

This is a 10 x 30 inch gallery wrap canvas that is very textured and then painted on.  I sat and looked at the blank canvas for about 3 or 4 months and then just decided 'to do something' whether good or bad.  Have to say, I am very pleased with the results.  This was just accepted into the 2017 show at the Cummings United Methodist Church.  This is a show that you really need to see as the art work is absolutely wonderful.

Just Look'in

This painting was shown at the Quinlan Member's Show in Gainesville, GA.  It is a 24 x 36 canvas that I painted all in gold and then started the painting.  If you look closely you can see the gold showing thru that give the sky an nice touch.  This painting also got into the Southern Appalachian Art Guild National show for 2017.

Free Range

This is a 30 x 40 canvas that I just finished last week.  It is very textured and you can probably see the cows in the distance with no fences making it 'Open Range'.  It is painted with acrylic as most of mine are now. 
This painting got in the Southern Appalachian Artist Guild National show for 2016.

A Chorus Line - SOLD

This piece was done using acrylic mat medium and then putting tissue paper on the entire Illustration  Board.  I then painted using acrylic paint.

Abandon - SOLD

This is another canvas that is 24 x 36, covered with Venetian Plaster, painted the undercoat, covered it with Golden soft gel (that dries clear) and then painted the final image.

All That's Left

This is a 24 x 36 that was 'salvaged' from a painting that I just didn't like.  I covered it with Venetian Plaster, painted on the canvas added some soft gel (that dries clear) and painted the final image.

Looking Out the Window Glass

This is a very textured painting and very different for me. It was done with Golden Acrylic Soft Gel and then painted.   I am entering it into the Southern Appalachian Artists Guild National Show.  Keep your fingers crossed.

3 In a Row

This piece was also created by using mat medium on illustration board, then tissue paper.  I then painted using acrylic paint.

A Land of Milk & Honey

This one was done using venetian plaster as a base then acrylic paint.

You Tame Him, He's Yours - SOLD

This was done by using acrylic matt medium and tissue paper.  I then used acrylic paint.


This is a painting that I finished several weeks ago that will be on loan at the Community Center is Clayton, GA.  It is done with tissue paper and acrylic paint.

So Together We Have Built a Nation - SOLD

This is a brand new piece with many images incorporated in it, including a copy from a page of my grandfathers passport when he came to this country in 1912, part of the Constitution, transfers of letters, a wedding picture, a speech from a modern day Kiowa Indian, just to name a few.

The Spirit of Two Bears

Native Americans were often named after their animal spirit once they went on their 'vision quest', which consisted of going out alone with no food and minimal amount of water, if any and staying until visions appeared.  It was probably really from lack of food and water but was a very spiritual thing for the braves.

This painting depicts a warrior that has 'crossed over' into the afterlife and was obviously named 'Two Bears'.  This painting won 'The People's Choice' at the Members show in Blue Ridge, GA and has also  been accepted in the National Wildlife & Nature Show in St. Augustine, FL.

The Red Scarf

This is a 30 x 40 piece that I just finished.  I covered the entire canvas with Golden's Molding Paste which made it very textured and then painted it with acrylics.


The next four paintings are on gessoboard, covered with Golden's Molding Paste, dried and then painted.  Three are 4 x 4 and one is 6 x 6.  All are painted with acrylics.  I'm getting brave and am in the process of doing a 30 x 40 gallery wrap canves.  AM I CRAZY???????

Untitled - SOLD

This is the second in the series.  It is also a 4 x 4.

untitled - SOLD

The molding paste on this one is more textured than the other three and I like them all.

I Like the Night Life

This is the latest contemperary piece that I have done.  Very different.

Protecting His Ladies - Horses of Cumberland Island - SOLD

This painting has been selected by the Georgia Council for the Arts to hang in the State Capital in Atlanta for a period of six months.  Stallions are very protective and aggressive when it comes to their herd.

I See You

'I see you' is a mixed media painting that I just finished and the title depicts the fact that several faces are hidden in the image.

The Stray - SOLD

This is four pieces of Clayboard covered with Venetian Plaster, painted and then more plaster and painting the final image.  

Praying to the Spirits - SOLD

This is another mixed media that was started using Venetian Plaster as a base.  The texture that this creates is wonderful.

Spying on the Enemy

This is another painting using Venetian Plaster and acrylic paint with a simple image.

Old Photo from the Attic

This isn't quite as dark as it looks here.  This was done using Venetian Plaster and acrylic paint and came out looking like an old photograph that was found in someone's attic.

San Francisco - SOLD

San Francisco was and still is a melting pot of nationalities and images just like this painting is.

A Crack in the System

This is called 'A Crack in the System' and is probably pretty obvious considering how the Native Americans have been treated.

A Crack in the Foundation - SOLD

OK, ARE YOU READY FOR SOMETHING DIFFERENT??????  I went to a workshop back in March and the next four are very contemperary paintings that I really enjoyed doing.

This one is 'A Crack in the Foundation'.  Don't ask me....that's just what it looked like.
So, this is 'Where has the Time Gone?'.  Very different for me but fun.
This one is called 'Just a Heartbeat Away' even though the heart seems to be blue.  But we've all had those times in our lives, haven't we?

Stepping up, Stepping down - SOLD

This is called 'Steppping up, Stepping down' and is part of the contemporary work that I did at a workshop.

Seeing Double on Tripple - SOLD

This is a triptych that I just finished.  I covered three panels with Golden's molding paste, let it dry and painted with acrylic while I had them taped together.

When They First Got Horses

This is a new work completed just for the Quinlen Art Show coming up in June, July and the first half of August.  This is very textured using some of my original art plus transfers, paper, soft gel and transfers.

Buffalo - SOLD

This is another mix media that I finished for the Quinlan show again using my original art, paper, paint transfers and soft gel.  This one is a little larger than the horses above.

1835-A Storm is Brewing - SOLD

The title of this painting depicts the beginning of the conflict between the Plains Indians and the settlers heading west. This is painted on canvas with acrylic.

Just Think'in - sold

This is painted on illustration board covered with Goldens soft gel and tissue paper then with acrylics.


This is painted on Arches 300lb watercolor paper covered with Goldens molding paste then with acrylics.

The Conversation

This is illustration board covered with molding paste and then with acrylics.

Cruis'in for Chicks

This is on a 24x36 canvas. I painted the original scene, then covered it with Goldens soft gel that dries clear. I then painted it again, more soft gel and more paint giving this a real depth.
Cruis'in for Chicks, the young stallion has been forced from the herd and must now find 'ladies' of his own. I have since added more mares.

Day getting started - SOLD

This is a 6x12 wrap around canvas painted with acrylics. The painting continues on all sides of the canvas and protrays the start of a beautiful morning.

Letters from Home - SOLD

This finished work has four paintings underneath. I started several different collages, not satisfied with any, but the last one had raised letters. I then covered the entire canvas with Golden's Absorbent Ground (dries white) except for the letters, which I left to show through. I then painted an old farm scene and called it 'Letters from Home'.

Leave Them Wild

This painting was accomplished by using soft gel medium to create texture and then painting the scene. The title 'Leave Them Wild' is pretty self explanatory.

Just a Quick Trip to the Store

White gesso was brushed over a piece of illustration board and in some areas quite heavy for texture. I then painted the sky, put collage paper over the mountains and continued to paint. There are several layers of collage paper and paint on the mountains, with more gesso to give the appearance of heavy snow.

Collage #13 - SOLD

I started this collage as a demo while teaching a class. I finished it once home and added rubber stamps, paper, paint and straw. Once again the final layer is modeling paste in ramdom spots and then scrubbing paint into it.  The first image is very close to the original in color and the second I enhanced to bring out the texture of the painting.

Untitled Collage #12

This is one of the few collages/mixed media that I have kept in my private collection and as hard as I try, I cannot duplicate the colors or design.

Praying for Buffalo

This is a brand new painting depicting the warrior praying for the buffalo that is the mainstay of the American Indians every day life. If the buffalo don't migrate to the hunting grounds there is a good chance of starvation for the entire tribe during the harsh winter.

Before the Wars

The title 'Before the Wars' was given because in the background there are covered wagons as well as tepees. This original watercolor is hanging in our hallway and is matted and framed with a small Indian war ax mounted underneath. The ax was made for me by a 19 year old Sioux Indian from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. While the original is not for sale, there are giclee prints available. Matted size with arrowhead and feathers in a cutout on the side is 26"x33".

In the mist - SOLD

This is an original watermedia using gels as well as acrylic paint to create the misty scene. Image size is 8" x 8".